• Premier technology investment conference in the Silicon Valley! June 11-12,...

  • AmBAR makes Silicon Valley knowledge and capital available for entrepreneurs...

  • AmBAR offers unique networking opportunities

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    Outside Television, the national leader in programming dedicated to the active lifestyle, is visiting AmBAR. A full episode of Outside TV will be recorded in one of our partner’s studio and you have an opportunity to be part of the show. Our guest will be the legendary explorer and adventurer Doug Stoup.

    Silicon Valley Open Doors Conference, June 11-12, 2014. It has been 10 years since SVOD opened its doors for the first time to the amazing Silicon Valley community of technology entrepreneurs and investors, and we are now ready to celebrate the achievement with the biggest conference yet.


    Anna Dvornikova, President of AmBAR, was selected by as one of the most dynamic executives impacting the business world today.