Executive Education

AmBAR has multiple programs, both for a wider community, as well as for the VIP.

International Business Trips are the gateway to global business partnerships and exclusive investment opportunities. AmBAR leads the way in providing business travel opportunities, where executives can benefit from invaluable face-to-face communication and gain real understanding of the business culture in a foreign country. Experiencing the region first hand will allow you to become a more confident investor or a business partner, and better position you to handle the complexity of potential cross-border transactions.

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As an example, in 2010, AmBAR organized, in cooperation with Anatoly Chubais, CEO of Rusnano, the first historical trip of 20 Managing Partners from top Silicon Valley VC firms ($60 bln+ under management) to Moscow to meet with business & government elite, including then President Medvedev.

The trip resulted in $400M+ in deals.