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Tokenized securities and stablecoins: the future of finance?

  • DLA Piper 2000 University Avenue Palo Alto, CA, 94303 United States (map)

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Do you believe that securities on blockchain and stablecoins will revolutionize financial markets and redefine the future of money? Ivan Tsybaev and Ivan Bogatyy do!

Join AmBAR talk with Ivan Tsybaev and Ivan Bogatyy and discuss how security tokens and stablecoins can revolutionize financial markets.

"Stablecoins have garnered serious investor attention over the past few weeks. Unlike bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies, they are digital assets built to lessen price volatility and are often paired against the U.S. dollar or established commodities like gold."

About our speakers:

Ivan Tsybaev is a founder of Trucker Path, America's most popular mobile app for the trucking industry, providing navigational assistance and truckload sourcing. (The company has more than 600,000 monthly active users. Managed a team of 70+ people. Raised $21.5M in VC funding, recently acquired by a public company Renren). Ivan worked with top experts in the security token space, as well as with regulators.

Ivan Bogatyy, General Partner at MetaStable Capital ($300M+ crypto fund founded by Naval Ravikant. He was a Co-Founder of the stablecoin company and an engineer at Google. Discovered a major Bancor exploit. Stablecoin smart contract expert.