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AmBAR VIP Club Reception

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AmBAR VIP Club Reception is an exclusive invite-only networking event.

Want to attend AmBAR VIP Club Reception? Consider becoming the AmBAR VIP Club member: How to become AmBAR VIP Club member. 

AmBAR is a premier Silicon Valley-based association that brings together about 50,000 Russian-speaking professionals who share  common passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and technology development. AmBAR serves as a networking platform for its members to share ideas, raise capital, find partners, identify clients, and pursue unique business opportunities. Members of AmBAR come from all over the globe: the US, Russia, the former Soviet Union Republics, Israel, Canada, and Europe. Within AmBAR, they enjoy a unique access to the combined expertise of their peers, various networking opportunities, career development tools, and other exclusive benefits. If you strive to build a successful business and you want to gain access to the US and Russian-speaking venture capitalists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and technology professionals, join AmBAR!