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AR Battle: Robert Scoble and Vitaly Ponomarev

  • 650 Page Mill Road Palo Alto USA (map)


Interested how AR future looks like and why the shortest way to get there goes through China? 

Meet Robert Scoble, the most famous American futurist blogger, and Vitaly Ponomarev, a global entrepreneur who’s holographic AR technology company WayRay recently got funded by Alibaba. 

On Sept. 27, 6:30 PM they will be ready to share their experience with you.

Great networking! Light food and drinks will be provided. 

FREE for AmBAR members:


Robert Scoble, famous American blogger-futurist blogger, technical evangelist, and author. 
Robert Scoble predicts how technological innovations affect the strategies of global companies, creating new trends in the market. He was a tech evangelist at Microsoft and co-founded the first corporate blog Channel 9. Now he works at the company Rackspace for six years he interviewed the leading developers and businessmen in the field of future technologies, including Mark Zuckerberg and Tony Shay, the founder of Zappos.His blog Scobleizer can be considered a full-fledged media about new technologies. Scoble collaborated with Upload VR – the world's largest publication on virtual and augmented reality.

Vitaly Ponomarev, CEO and founder at WayRay, a developer of holographic augmented reality technologies for advanced connected cars. He was called “the Russian Elon Musk”, mentioned among wealthiest people below 40 in Switzerland and one of 20 ‘young and promising’ entrepreneurs in Russia.   He is known for expertise in AR applications and car navigation systems. 

Vitaly founded WayRay in 2012, inspired by the concept of Web 3.0 and the idea of overlaying the physical world with real-time data. After he nearly got in a car accident, Vitaly came up with an idea of a navigation system displaying a route without distracting a driver from the road. Over the next four years under his leadership WayRay became the first in the world to develop a patented technology for transparent holographic displays. Based on this technology, the company created Navion – the first AR navigation system – and a prototype of AR infotainment system for driverless vehicles. WayRay is also developing Element, a smart car tracker. 

In 2014 after a successful TechCrunch presentation Vitaly got the invitation from Swiss authorities to develop WayRay in Switzerland.In 2015 he was named in top 100 outstanding innovators of Switzerland according to L’Hebdo newspaper.

About WayRay
WayRay is a global company based in Lausanne (Switzerland) which develops holographic augmented reality technologies for advanced connected cars. With its own R&D center, prototyping factory, and a team of 130+ engineers, WayRay has the expertise in developing optical systems, holographic materials and optical systems with diffraction elements as well as complex mechanics and electronics.

WayRay develops innovative hi-tech products for both consumer and b2b markets. Those include: Navion, the world’s first AR navigation system; Element, a smart car tracker, and a prototype of AR infotainment system for driverless vehicles demonstrated at CES-2017 (Las Vegas, NV, USA) as a part of Rinspeed concept car.

In 2017, WayRay has announced a partnership with Harman International (USA) to integrate a prototype in their own system, and a partnership with Banma Technologies Co., a Chinese joint venture of Alibaba Group and China's largest automaker SAIC Motor, aimed to develop internet-connected cars.

The most recent round B from Alibaba and existing investors brings WayRay’s total capital raised to $30M. For more information, please visit: