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AmBAR/JHTC Pitch: Meet Ukrainian entrepreneurs and investors, members of UVCA

  • Oshman Family JCC, room E104 3921 Fabian Way Palo Alto, CA, 94303 United States (map)

Join AmBAR/JHTC pitch presentations by a visiting group of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, Investors - members of UVCA!

Confirmed investors:
Ajoy Mallik, Follow[the]Seed
Andrey Kolodyuk, AVentures
Anna Dvornikova, TEC Ventures
Artem Burachenok, Flint Capital
Daniil Stolyarov, Almaz Capital
George Arabian, Steelhead Ventures
Itzik Lerner, Angel Investor
Stas Khirman, TEC Ventures
Mark Glukhovsky, Kernel Capital
Michael Minkevich, Maxfield Capital
Nancy Hayes, Angel Investor
Jennifer Cooper, Angel/Adobe Systems
Lu Zhang, NewGen Capital
Ryan Han Liu, IPV Capital
Sherry Chuang, Sand Hill Angels
Victor Orlovski, SBT Venture Fund
Vitaly Golomb, HP Tech Venture

Presenting startups:
1) Hideez - Personal Information and Cyber Security- Your Only Digital Key. Hideez Technology was established in 2014 and specializes in researching, designing, developing and producing wearable cyber security devices
2) Wider is a laser projection high definition monoblock with panoramic 130 inch screen for entertainment and business needing in B2C and B2B.
3) Raccoon Technologies Inc. is working on the development of complex and functional devices for interaction with digital reality. The most simple variant - clip (allows you to orientate in space), the most difficult - VR glove, which allows you to feel virtual objects in a tactile way.
4) Ecoisme is a monitoring system that lets users take active roles in managing their bills. Detecting major home appliances, solar, and grid energy, Ecoisme helps owners keep track on their resources and save up to 15% of energy.
5) TechNovator develops a technology that sets the world free from wired wall charging and gives you peace of mind. The XE is a wirelessly charging system that works over the distance of up to 17 feet from the charge base.
6) SolarGaps is the sunblind for the window at your home or office which can provide you with solar energy to power your appliances.

About UVCA:
Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) was established in mid-2014 and unites more than 40 members - private equity and venture funds, accelerators, incubators, educational institutions, and non-government organizations that make significant impact on the development of Ukrainian investment market. Association promotes investment opportunities in Ukraine for foreign investment funds, conducts market research, lobbies laws for improving investment and business climate, implements Invest in Ukraine activity. UVCA aims to remove the gap, by channeling the power of its network into better awareness and investment climate by proving that it is worthwhile to INVEST IN UKRAINE.