How to Sell Technology - Foundational Approach

Paul Asoyan (Google) about How to Sell Technology - Foundational Approach

When: Thursday, April 28, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (PDT)


Workshop: Fundamentals of (Enterprise) Sales - from Lead to Close to Account Management / Paul Asoyan (Google).

Methodologies and best practices that move sales through its lifecycle and an in-depth dive into sales channels (direct and partnerships). Learn how to prospect, qualify, negotiate, close and grow accounts. This is the contrarian corporate sales program you have never taken, but always wanted to.

What makes a great sales person? What does an ideal cold email look like? What is the difference between a lead and an opportunity? What are the criteria for qualifying in or out? How do you keep moving a deal through its natural stages? How to make the seller-buyer paradigm work for you? How to sell: direct v. through partners? What engineers need to understand about sales?

Paul Asoyan has spent his career in sales: went from retail sales to account management to small and medium business to enterprise sales to partnerships. Paul has been with Google for the last 8 years and has trained fellow Googlers, as well as Google partners, in sales fundamentals. He is currently managing Google Cloud Platform partnerships and he promises to make this as educational as it will be entertaining. Be there and bring questions!